Lega; heir

I have a query need you guidance . We five married sisters are the Legal Heirs of our Panvel Flat ,parents deceased. I got the Legal Heirship certificate from Court at Panvel on 24/07/2015. Society got registered in some third week of JULY 2015.Share certificates not yet issued Now I want to apply in CIDCO for transfer of property in my name with NOC from Sisters as they were helped financially to buy a flat by my parents . It is my father's verbal will not written to transfer his flat and rights in my name to which my sisters have no objection. As per the amendment in stamp duty no stamp duty for property transfer between blood relatives only Rs. 200 affidavit required pls guide if you have any idea about it Should I transfer the flat first in all 5 sisters name and then get Gift deed or Release Deed and then again get it transfer in my name in Cidco pls guide the right procedure. Also let me know any other way if possible less financial transaction required. As my financial condition is not so good at present I am afraid I may not be able to file any Gift deed if it involves more amount. But many people are telling me to do it first as they think my sisters inlaws may change their mind and demand the share in property in future. Can I make any affidavit on basis of my father's verbal will. Thankyou