Mother Expried, Property Distributions to Daughters!

We are 4 in family (Father, Mother, 2 daughters). We live in Adilabad dist. I am the eldest daughter. I got married in 2012 and I am currently living in USA with my husband. My younger sister got married in May'2015 lives in Telanaga. My mother passed away in Sep'2014 due to heart stroke. My mother had her ancestor(father's) properties on her name (open plots), home at Adilabad dist and 2-flats in Hyderabad.My father with his own money earned remaining properties 1 home. In the recent times, my father transferred the title for open plots from my mom's name to his name. However, he has not changed the home title yet. My father's age is 55 and he has service for about 3.5 years more at govt office. Due to relatives pressure he is now planning to get married again. He always openly says that property will be divided between you too sisters equally and there will be some writings done before he get's married to another woman. But, never enforces this to be done on paper. There is no will as of such now. In this case, I am very much confused how should I move forward. If my father get's married and if he changes all the titles on his name, can't I get any property on my name. My father is very good in nature but, now he is thinking of second marriage that puts me to think a lot. Please advice me as how to proceed legally in this situation to be able to claim my mothers property as well my fathers property (if he agrees to give to us). What are the exact steps that I should take. Thank you! Regards, -Uma