Partition of Ancestral Property

Respected Sirs, I am a widow, 64 years old from Kolkata. My husband died 3 years ago. I have two sons, well settled in their own right and they do not live with me. Due to their work they live outside Kolkata. My husband was in service with Govt. Of West Bengal (Finance Department). I live on the monthly widow pension after my husbands death. My Husband never build any house of our own as we had a three story house build by our mother and father in laws in Kolkata. We have always lived in this house since 1982. My husband has three brothers and a sister and all of them are alive and healthy. My mother in law is alive and owns the house currently. Now that my mother in law is getting old and 2out of 3 brother in laws have built their house, everybody is planning to sell the ancestral house. There have been several discussion, where it is decided by all my in laws that post selling the house equal proportion of money to be kept in bank FD along with mother in law, as long she is alive to be divided later after her death. I have two issues - 1. I have no place to stay 2. I fear I will not be given my share once I leave my right to live in the house How can I get some help in this regard? Do I have any legal right here?