Need a proper guidence

Gd even resp concern, My wife has left her matrimonial house within one year of marriage due to differences in our thoughts on 24/3/13 when she was one month pregnant, after that i had still tried to convince her for our future an babies future (we have one son) but all i vain. and she had tortured me and my family by various means. Thus i had issued her legal notice on 4/5/13 to come back to matrimonial house but she still refuse. And now after 2 years she had filed restitution of conjugal rights on 23/3/15 in family court and within 13 days filed domestic violence (P W D V)case against my entire family asking for relief under D.V. act filed on 6/4/15(she is a govt servant with salary of 30000). i had filled divorce petition on 6/4/15 under hindu marriage act 1955 clause 13(i-a and i-b)as she had deserted me for more than 2years ,threaten me by all means, made an issue at my working place which made me loose my job, made my various complaints at IT dept. thus forced me to file the divorce case and am firm at my decision. what am wanting is to divorce her an live peacefully am ready to take all responsibilities of my son. and she is in a mood to take revenge of me an my family. I am requesting to suggest that am i following right process am having my good lawyer on it still need a second opinion, any case references will be much helpful.