Legal Advice for Boundary Wall

I have some queries relevant to lands. I am from West Bengal. Please advise me for the followings : 1. Our old house which is actually situated on Nadia district. We constructed another house in the same village and left the old house. Meantime our relatives make some permanent boundary wall in our area without any survey. We proposed for some survey and then permanent wall can be made. But my relatives do not care of our words. Also the most of the villagers support the relative works due to political reasons. Some 10 years back the same villagers asked him for survey before permanent wall making - the same villagers now advised him for boundary wall without survey. Then we resisted - then the villagers told that my relatives can continue wall making and at a later stage two local surveyor (one surveyor from our side and another surveyor from my realtives side)will survey it. And if the wall falls within our land, then he will break the boundary wall. it was about 5 years back. Now I am asking to give me some date and time so that we can bring a surveyor (amin) but he is only telling that he has no time. Everytime I asked for the land measurement, he do not listen to me or bypass us by telling "he has no time, it will be done in future". In this situation, please advise me - what should I do legally.