Hello Sir myself Jyoti. I am also an advocate but I have a little bit knowledge of property law. So now I am wanted a suggestion in respect of my own family matters property solution. As my father have 3 properties. out of which 2 properties are of his own name and one property have her wife name that means which is on my mother name. As mother had passed away in 2010. so now my father and all we brother and sister are heirs on that property we are now 12 members are heirs on that property. As my mother name property is in possession of my big brother and now we want to give that property to him as legally but in behalf of that we will remove my big brother name from my fathers property. So in future we are not going to give him share in fathers property so how can we legally go for that. what type of document we have to write and signed from him that we are not going to give you share in future to any of other properties of my father or mother. please suggest all the legal procedure to go for that to write from my big brother that he have no more share in another properties of my father and mother. please reply. thanks