I have photos and call recordings of my husband before marriage

Sir/madam, i got married on 9th august 2015 to a military boy in a temple with no proof of marriage the only proof is the cctv's in temple which is controlled by government, i lived in his home from 5th aug 2015 to 5th sept 2015 wherein he was with me from 9th aug to 14th aug later he reported to duty saying he'l come back seeking army registration marriage permission, when he was here we had intimated for 5days and unfortunately i got my periods on 21st august 2015. Now his parents had sent me out of house purposely and my husband is saying i dont know who you are if you keep calling my number i'l lodge a blackmail complaint against you so please help me out how to get my husband back my lodging a complaint.. i have few call recordings and photos together before marriage and he used to call on my number always before my marriage i.e, from may 07 2015 to 09 august 2015 once after my marriage with him i stopped using my number, his last call to my number again was on 11th september around 10:30pm and scolded me for 1hour. please help me out how to overcome all these and get my husband back