Law regarding Maternity Leave

I work in a PSB and have completed three years of my service. I was last year in Aug married in Delhi and my place of residence before marriage was Patiala. After marriage I was expecting a baby and due to some complications my gynae advised me complete bed rest due to which I was onMedical Leave without pay for a period of 6 months. After delivery my branch head forced me to join branch nd misguided me by saying that u join branch for a single day and its necessary to break medical leave before you apply for maternity leave. My branch head threatened me that if you dont join immediately a strict action will be taken agsinst you nd you will be terminated from bank. Being ignorant i join my duty and when i tried to apply for Maternity leave, Branch head said now you are not entitled for Maternity leave as you have joined bank. Ultimately as i was left with no option i had to get my medical leave without pay converted to maternity leave. Its been two months since then. Till now neither i have received any reply from my branch head regarding my leave and nor got any salary benifit. Can i get the benifit of maternity leave now as my baby is too small to be left at home because besides me there is no one else at home to look after my baby?