Can land be named (if the great grand father does not have name)

The land which does not have the name of my great grand father, but there are 7 brother out of them ,one was doing agriculture in the land and during 1956 the patwari(thalati) came and put his name on the record for entry land , now all six brother does not have the name and no legal document for the agriculture land. but unfortunately they have share in the land. the one whose name is on land record, his son got all land in his name after death of his father(one out of them). all six brother member asked him(one's son at present his name in the land record) to transfer the their share but he refused to do so. now the problem is that can the six brother(died) or six brother's family member get the owns share by any how but should be according law. one point i also want to mention is the land divided in 7 part and each has physical passion own share.(but legally can not prove because the name is not there). six brother means =all six brother out of seven brother. all can answer me but (specially to Ashish Davessar becasue he belongs to rajasthan jaipur the the land is in sikar of rajasthan) this is all ancestral property.(but