Bogus voter list in UP panchayat elections

I don't know whether my case belongs to this category or not. My issue goes like this : I am planning to contest gram panchayat elections but voter list of my gram panchayat has been infested with lot of bogus and dead voters from other villages. We have submitted our objections to concerned SDM office of our local tehsil and he was directed by ADM to look in to matter and do the needful. SDM being politically affliated to ruling government under undue influence of local MLA didn't paid any attention to go through the list of bogus voters which were submitted in prescribed format by state election commission along with documentary evidence.and has not done unbiased inquiry into stated names to ascertain the correctness of names , consequently the final list now published still carries number of dead voters(based on 2014 loksabha election-these voters are dead) and voters from other villages. we want direction from court to either - set up and inquiry to look into the iisue and issue direction to competent authorties to get the voter list corrected - any writ like Mandamus (command) to competent authorties(here cometetnt means any authority who can investigate the case impartially with out any influence of ruling sammajwadi party in UP. Please let me know what relief i can expect from high court in to this issue. till date no election notification has been issued for panchayat elections in UP