Regarding bank loan for repair of ancestral property

My father has built a house in 1986 on his ancestral land which has started to have a leaking roof with a weak slab. we are three children, two elder daughters (both married and well settled) and I am the only son. In order to repair the house from leaking in rainy season, my father and me decided to get the roof repaired. The engineer surveyed and suggested that the best option would be to add another floor to the entire house ( construct a house on the first floor since the entire slab had to be re-done). Accordingly we started the construction work after consulting our local lawyer. We started with the initial amount and then applied for a bank loan on my name. As per the advice of our lawyer, a gift deed of the ground floor existing house and land by my father to me was made. However during the legal advice taken by the bank an objection was raised and the bank loan was stalled. According to the bank's legal advisor, neither my father nor me can avail a bank loan for any kind of construction activity without the written consent of my sisters. The problem is that my sisters have refused to sign any such consent. Infact the elder sister wants an equal share in the property. This has now caused a rift in the house. As per my father, he has already given both my sisters a plot and cash and gold so that they will not ask for anything more later in life. Though the amended laws state that a daughter has equal right to property as a son, does it not take into consideration about the amount of gold and cash given to her at and after marriage which the son does not get? What should my plan of action be in such as situation? My sisters have bluntly refused to sign. I badly need to get the house repaired as i have my aged father, my wife and small kids living there in that house. Thank you in advance