For quashing

Sir I have jewellery shop in a small village ...I bought a gold chain from my village lady..and police come to my shop after 1 month of buying the chain and told that the chain was stolen property....they show me f I r and told that the chain was snacted the 2 men from old lady..police arested the 2 men and then other investigate they known the 2 men gave chain to other 2 men ..then the other 2 men was also arrested then 1 of them told i gave chain to my wife for saled ..his wife mother was living at our village his wife with his mother come to my shop and sold the chain telling that my son was weak bimar..Muje paise ki jarurat ladka bimaar ha..we bought chain because we known her mother she is from our village selling vegetables. So we police arrested under section 114 ,356,379,411 Mai bakasur hu. I not known that chain was stolen property..they arrested 4 men but not aarested those ladies that selled chain to what can I do..can I go for quashing this case against me..