Regarding Registration of Marriage.

I have done a intercaste marriage. and applied for the benefit of one Scheme which requires the marriage to be registered under the Hindu Merriage Act 1955,. I belong the the SC community in Gujarat and married to a Sindhi Girl. we have done a marriage as per Hindu ritual and , through my relative i came to know that i can get the benefit of inter cast marriage by ambedkar foundation which is centrally sponsored scheme. so i have applied to take the benefit of that scheme. But they have replied that i am not elegiable to take the benefit of this scheme as i have not registered the marriage under the hindu marriage act .as per there scheme . "The marriage should be valid as per the law and duly registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955." AS i am from Gujarat i have submitted the Gujarat Marriage Registration Certificate. So can i again register my marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. in Gujarat. and can take the benefit of the ambedkar Foundation scheme. We have done a marriage on 19.08.2014. Kindly Guide us in the matter. Your advice would be highly appreciated.