I am being blackmailed by a girl who is a lawyer

It started back in 2012 i met a girl in a train. She is a lawyer and completed in 2006. We shared the number and after few days of conversation we met and had intercourse. Then we lived in live in relationship for next two years. She is 31 and i m 26 . Just after six months i realised that there is someone who visits my home in my absense. It was a married guy with a kid about whom she used to talk very often refering as bhaiya, he was his landlord in jer pg. When i asked she boldly said that she will be continuing her relationship with him and i will have to marry her as i am bound to do this now. She framed me and threatenes me to drag me to the court. She has already been in other relationship for more than 6 boys she admits everythig she did wrong now and wants me to marry her and then divorce her and want me to compensate. I have a family and my mom is totally depended upon me as she is on dialysis. I am not in a codition to fight. Nowdays she talks to that guy and tells me that she is doing so and asks when am i marrying to her. I have to talk to her i have to pay her whatever she demands. She instigates me to suicide i already tried twice now i m in deep drpression , scared and helpless. I have never met any lawyer for this please help me out.