Partition Suit

My mother & her sister are 2 daughters with 1 younger brother my uncle. My maternal grandfather had died in August 1987 leaving behind my grandmother (his wife) 2 daughters (my mother & her sister) & 1 son (my uncle); my uncle had succeeded only 4nos. of Mining Leases that was held by my grandfather and self acquired by my grandfather with the consent (through a Misc. Case) of his 2 sisters and mother but not the rest of the immoveable properties; meanwhile my grandmother passed away in May1996 and still all the immoveable properties are in the name of my late grandfather including the ancestral immoveable properties he had inherited from his late father through a registered deed of partition in September 1952. My mother is suffering from Cancer & is very expensive to continue her treatment and my Uncle instead of helping her is asking her to go to court and take her share. Now; can my mother who was born in February 1954; claim her share by Partition Suit on the immoveable properties self acquired by her father and inherited by her father from her grandfather which are all in the name of her father now. My mother is also in possession of a building self acquired by her father since June 1992. Hindu Succession Amendment Act 2005 have been repealed on 13th May 2015; where does she stand today & whether she is entitled as a coparcener in this Partition Suit?