Appointment of Surveyor

My mother have purchased the land in the year 1988, thereafter in the year 1992 the Gram Shabha want to change the nature of that land by way of making road, my mother have filed suit against gram shabha and others and she got decree in the year 1996, thereafter dispute arise between original owner they also try to put the road, thereafter my mother have filed WP before the Hon'ble High Court Allahabad against the Government authority of up, she got injunction order, thereafter my mother have due to some settlement talk appoint surveyor from SDM in the year 2013 and surveyor have survey the area of the land, and my mother give east and north side cornor of land and get the west north side cornor of land,thereafter we made boundary with wire fencing but suddenly after six month the previous owner filed the civil suit and ask relief that my mother should be retained from construction activities on the west north side land area, now i want to counter claim in that suit and want to appointment of surveyor, but how can u help me under which provision i shall take this steps for that release that my land and shall i seek to null and void the settlement between me and previous owners