Regarding 498A and other laws against husband

Hi Lawyers, Seems you are the only life line left for me. Here is the situation. I got married about 1.5 years ago. You know how our hindu arrange marriage works, Girl boy sees each other and things process ahead. So, I liked the Girl before marriage and thought that she will become a good partner in every terms. but after marriage things are not as expected. 1. I came to know after marriage, she was very dumb in her academics (Ok, its my fault i didnt checked her mark sheets, Still I dont have any problem here) 2. She is very Lazy. The day i moved to aborad for my work she stopped helping my parents on daily routines and went to her parents home and didnt came back as of now. 3. I asked her to find a Job as she is IT engineer, not for money but to just become smart and independent woman rahter than watching Saas bahu serials at home. She is so reluctant to take efforts to find a job and work. I prepared her resume uploaded on she didnt even bothered to find one job in 1.5 years. 4. Before marriages, she always used to hide one hand by wearing full sleeves and when in saree then with its pallu, After marriage i have seen that her one hand is totally mismatch with other hand (One hand is Slightly darker than other one), which she or her parents never mentioned by any time before marriage. Also, she is having big Acne problem all over year on her face for which treatment is on with doctors. 5. I am very much advanced guy from 21st century where she is very much orthodox, so total incompatible in thinking, behaviour, life style. 6. Also, we dont have any much physical intimacy due to all above reasons. I dont feel much attracted to her due to above points and mainly for point number 4 as she is not maintain hygienic in any way or try to maintain herself in a way that she can attract atleast her husband. (Morever, she highlighted this topic (I am not having physical relation with her) to all my relatives and her relatives. Her parents always forced/threats me to have physical relation with her, but i dont want to do that and i am not doing it as i am not mentally satisfied with the girl. On this topic, her parents trying to prove the world i am Impotent which i am not for sure. Now, I am in abroad for work and her parents threates me for 498A case and other cases against which are applicable as per their thinking. They are asking me come to the india or they will go to my office and give a letter to my company to call me back. Which i dont want as i dont want to spoil my career with personal problems. Even i know, if i go back to india they will file case and will demand for money. So Please advice me how i can go with this situation. I want to get divorce ASAP. How i can take action against them for all above reason. Waiting for expert comments. Many thanks in advance.