Relating to GPA and the further proceedings

My father was M.D of a private limited Company based in hyderabad, that company bought a land in its own name and constructed a commercial complex in that land. He gave a GPA with his powers as an M.D to one of his old partner for a single flat in that commercial space in June 2014. My father expired at the end of July 2014. Recently when i checked the Encumbrance certificate of that commercial complex, I have found that the GPA holder has sold un constructed part in the top floor of that property, and also sold the penthouse which we have sold and registered it earlier to others. He has also sold the space which we left for parking in the ground floor too. I have got the GPA copy from the Registrar office, when I checked that the GPA I found that the schedule of property is for the single flat, but in the body of GPA they have added a point regarding the top floor and parking to sell and further to receive the sale considerations and to register them to the purchasers. Now my questions are: 1. Is that GPA valid after my fathers death 2. If the property is not mentioned in the schedule but mentioned in the body, will it be accepted 3. Can the GPA holder register the property which is not yet constructed