Wife has filed 498a

Hello Experts, I got married in JAN 2014. After marriage my wife went to her parent's home for 1.5months. Then for few days she stayed with my parents and then in APR 2014 she started living with me. She stayed with me till July 2014 and then she went to her parents home and never came back. It's been over 1 year since we are not living together. In APR 2015, me and my parents got the court notice regarding "DV act section 12" that she has filed a case against me and my both parents for domestic violence. We approached a lawyer to fight this case and I have submitted my response to her false allegations. Before this incident, my father already sent a letter to her to come back and letters to Superintendent of Police of her district. At the same time, we also filed a case in which I have asked her to come back. Now, in SEP 2015, we got to know that she has filed a 489a case against me and my both parents in CJM court. We got a call from a police that they want our statements regarding the same which they need to submit in the court. Now, we don't know what to do. After this new case, we don't want to bring her back which means I will be happy to get divorced. Please advise me on how to deal with it and get a divorce. Your guidance is much needed! Thanks, Akash