After AnticipatoryBail, What should be done if NO arrest is made

I have taken Anticipatory bail for a cyber crime case. The court order is as below 1) The Application is allowed 2) In the event of arrest of the Applicant, then he be released on executing his PR and SB of Rs 15,000/- with one local surety in like amount on following conditions: (A) Applicant should attend the concerned police station once a week and he should co-operate the IO. (B) He should not pressurise, threaten or tamper the prosecution witness and be of good behavior 3) Bail before concerned court. The key clarification that I need is, in case of no arrest, does the order imply that I have to only cooperate with police and go when they call or does it imply that I have to attend the PS every week even in case of no arrest? Subsequent to the this order I have attended PS 6-7 times and recorded the statement but no arrest is made. I need your advice on what should be the next process? Since the order is anyway silent on what should be done in case of no arrest, should I simply write the police officer requesting him to kindly inform me if and when it is required for me to appear in future, instead of filing the case in court for relaxation etc where the court may explicitely put some condition like appear once in a month which will then become binding on me (current order is at least silent on it) or is there any advantage in taking the relaxation through court?