Humiliated and Insulted.

I am a teacher in a private CBSE affiliated school in Bangalore who has a number of schools. I have been working for the past 3.8 years starting from June 18 2018. In Jan 2022, my husband went to collect my original certificates in the head office in Bangalore since I was under COVID quarantine and had to submit my certificates to apply for B.Ed. My husband wanted to get few clarifications with the management regarding mismanagement and not paying salary on time. The matters escalated and the management is known to used harsh and humiliating words before. I was taking online class during this incident. I got a call from the principal asking why your husband asked these questions to the admin and instead should have asked the Principal. But in fact the principal always gives diplomatic answers and doesn't give any clarification. When I got the call from the principal, the management was on call and spoke and i quote " Who is he to come ask these questions. You are happy with us and I am happy with you". I replied " No ma'am, I am not happy". Management " I gave you money ( hike) when you asked, now shut up and work, I will file a harrassment complaint against your husband for speaking to the admin, talk like an educated lady, your husband is a rogue ( repeated three times)". I replied " If you file a complaint, even I will file a complaint for not following any labour laws. You did not give me maternity leave, asked me to come to work within 15 days of my delivery and I did for the sake of students". After this I cut the call and got a call from the principal. I asked her if we are slaves and whether how the management harassed me was right? Then she asked to take a call. So said I want to continue for the sake of students since the academic year is not over yet and I take class 10 and 12. Since they have boards it would not be fair of me to leave in between. But if I should continue I want an apology for the way I was treated. This incident has occurred before with another senior teacher as well. We are paid well below the CBSE standards and not following any rules set by CBSE also the Chairman is a retired bureaucrat. I have all the conversations on tape. According to the contract of service, 1. If the work and conduct during probation of 2 years is not found satisfactory, the teacher is liable to be terminated without notice before the expiry of period of probation.