Bike bought, RC is with seller

I bought a second hand bike through olx from one person for 35k. I contacted through phone he asked me to come to his office to get bike, it was not office it was flat but he said he use that flat as office but there were no employees in that it was small room. I wrote a letter stating his address( his address were different location not flat address)& my address then subject as he handovered the vechile to me and allowed to operate the vechile these I wrote and asked him whether it's okay for you he said ok and asked him to sign. He signed the copy he said he bought the vechile from different state for finance & he cleared the finance now in RC finance cleread seal is not there he said , and said give me RC & NOC I'll get RC clereance seal from RTO so I believed in his words he spoke like really working professional I thought he has car, have office so he won't cheat so gave original RC, he gave bike bill papers I gave 32k for bike and said after completing formalities I'll give 3k. He said hewill give within 1 week. I called later he said ill give it continued like that many month, sometimes he don't pickup my call , one day he asked me 1000 for clearance so I transferred in gpay later he didn't attend my call. Whenever I call him he drag the situation. One day I asked to either give papers or money or say ur home address I'll come & get he said I know already you came to my house and you shouted I was confused I don't know his house, he said I'll give next week continued for 1 yr now. When called later he spoked without respect with bad words that he can't give RC you do whatever you want I'll finish off you within 2 hrs I know your address then only I realised he is fraud ,cheating person he cheated many person that's y he confused that went to house and shouted but it was another person. He said he has original RC he will go & give complaint that I stole his bike and threaten me that I can't get bike as well money . Now when I check the declaration I wrote as handovered that my mistake I should have written as sold and I forget to mention the amount. Now I don't have any proof regarding money I gave , I have RC Xerox, his photo, bill + call record that he spoke, If I give complaint on him will it benefit for me? I thought since it's office so I forget to mention the amount what should I do?