Fir under ipc 337 on the applicant for h1b - us visa

While i was driving my two wheeler, a person has jumped from the divider we both got hurt. 108 Vehicle has hospitalized him and i paid the medical exp of around 20,000. I spoke to the patient and he is fine. Still i came to know FIR is filed one me u/s 337 of IPC, As per the procedure i was given station bail. FIR and the injured person has written that i have hit a person who is walking on the road and i my driving was rash they also claim that they have joined him in hospital and incurred all medical expenses. I have Original bills for which i have made payments. Till now i am getting calls to pay 16000 more, there was a lawyer who is relative of the claimant who orally say and says he gives written confirmation that they will withdraw the case in lok adalat. My queries are 1. If i pay the amount now agreeing for any written confirmation for withdraw of case will it help any how to me? or it has any legal validity? and is there any guarantee that i should not pay any amount at the time of settlement at the lokadalat. 2. I have applied for US Employment (H1B ) VISA will this FIR which is pending for court hearing has impact in getting my VISA. Please advice.