Manipulated forged documents

Hi, I am a Muslim guy, unfortunately married for 3rd time, first wife had extramarital affair with her ex boyfriend and after having a baby from me, took divorce and married her boyfriend.. 2nd wife was a puppet of her mother and did all what her mother says, they mentally harassed me for money and forced me to call talaq since I didn't agree for a period of 3years She stood with her mother for 4years,since I had all her and her mother's conversation call recordings They couldn't continue harassing and took divorce khula from their side and went with alumni of 4.5lac.... My life was all alone and miserable... So my first wife's father stood forward and as a well wisher said 'my daughter had spoiled your life so I will make your life' Later he took a alliance to a divorcey talaq girl daughter of His childhood Friend,,without thinking, craving for a happy life trusted him and got married for the 3rd time.... From the beginning itself this girl is very arrogant abusive For every small issues would pick up a tiff... Asking hefty money, or keeping away for months from physical relationship ,and later started to keep praising her ex husband and when i try to intimate her, she would avoid me saying she cannot forget him, I was totally dissapointed and frustrated, like wise a period of an year passed,,, so I took this matter to her family ,her family adviced her not to Misbehave But unfortunately her arrogant behavior didn't change and later started saying you have problem From me, give me proper alumni, divorce and settle down, so I grew suspected and asked for her previous divorce papers.... Is she behaving the same as she behaved with her ex,,,,,,there they started giving lame reason, First she said he called Triple talaq and absconded with his family with no traces. When I asked for missing complaint done anywhere they said no... Later when I insisted strictly then She said she has taken divorce and has papers... I asked for that only... Her brother came with fake papers mistakes I found was... In a bond of article 5 paper instead 25 in someones name she has typed her matter without photos and notary attested On 2015...a bribed lawyer has signed also... They are completely invalid... My suspect is more stronger now... and also came up with local mosque khula matter on a mosque lettered without seal everything is forged.. I Dnt know whom to contact.... She was harassing me by life threatening, money and abusive language... Now she says she need to convince.... I am afraid if she convinced she will have a biological weapon against me.... Now I Dnt know whether my married is valid or not please help .2010 she married 2015 separated by fake papers ...2020june she married me from then onwards harresment.... for halaala is she torturing me, I Dnt believe her when she can decive law with fake papers.. And masjid letterhead.... I can't trust her anymore.. I am confused... I need to safeguard myself from such a fraud plz help