Illegal vacation of service

Hi…I was posted as deputy manager in SBI ,Pune.I went on sanctioned sabbatical leave from feb 2016 to Feb 2018 to USA on medical grounds,just in feb 2018 I suffered my 4 th miscarriage and requested the bank for leave of 1 year as I was mentally and physically shattered.Bank gave me 3 months of time and asked to join..I was going through a rough phase of my life where I was trying to conceive since 8 years now and I decided to go back to India and get IVF done in August 2018,I requested the bank to again sanction me some leave for IVF treatment.Bank kept on asking me my treatment papers which I promptly submitted.And in December 2018 bank served me the notice for volunteer vacation of service to which I replied that I am pregnant through IVF and have a high risk pregnancy(drs certificates submitted) and requested for maternity leave..but in April 2019 when I was 5 months pregnant,Bank terminated me from service,I was continuously communicating with the Bank,replied to all their mails,promptly submitted all the papers asked by the Bank,still Bank has vacated me from the service. Can any employee be terminated from the service during pregnancy ??