Repossessing property on leave and license.

I have given my property on leave and license. Tennant has been late on rent and now refuses to pay citing omicron. Offers to pay 50%. We went to visit, he was not present, as he lives in a different city aggressive, had around 8 men guarding the property, He is using the property to run a paying guest facility, and has many staff and bouncer types around. We had to argue to go in, and then there were further arguments. My wife told some of the guests who were not registered legally (and we have disallowed subletting the premises, but the agreement states he intends to run a PG) that they should leave to avoid getting in trouble. There was some threatening from his men, so we called 100 and police arrived. Police allowed us to stay in our room until both parties visited the police station on the next day. The house has 6 rooms. Can this be construed as forced repossession? he has sent us a bill of 50000 to be deducted from rent as he claims this room is rented out for 50000 (having 5 beds.) He claimed we forced the guests to leave, although police asked him to evacuate them so that we could be secure.the guests themselves had agreed to shift to other beds. I am willing to pay him his rent for 2 days so that this may not be construed as forced repossession. I have a strong case and do not want it jeopardized. Could he use this incident to obtain injunctions for the future?