Gardening in Extended Balcony not allowed

I live in apartment in Bangalore on third floor. Only my apartment unit has extended terrace/porch area (adjacent to my balcony) which is technically part of common area but has access only through my apartment/flat. Since lot of garbage (droppings from higher floor balconies) and rain water gets collected in this area so I do the cleaning and have also put some plants/pots over there. The association and maintenance company does not do the cleaning of this area the way they do for rest of common area in the apartment complex. Yet they are asking me to remove the pots from that area without offering any solution to keep that area/terrace clean. I do pay maintenance charges every month and deserve clean common areas particularly this terrace which is right in front of my balcony. Management committee and association have put several plant and large pots every where in the apartment complex which is also common area but they have problem me putting pots in the terrace area. I need solution to keep this area clean without somebody breaching my privacy (as access is through my unit) but MC is not offering the solution and just want me to remove the pots. Please advise what I should do? Can MC charge penalty if I do not remove the pots unless there is a proper solution to my problem?