Plz give a good solution to my problem

My wife left matrimonial house independently on 26th December 20012 , in 2013 january 26th one person introduced as laywer and called my house land line phone and said you settle the issue by giving 30 laks to herbefore that she spend only 50 days in my house after my marriage in 2011 September 30.She and family liers doesnt not reliable and no commitment of marriage. i did not receive single paisa as dowry or any kind of jewellery or gift. I spent my own money 3 laks for marriage and i given 40,000 rupees for her brother, and 2.5 laks gold for her. She left with that gold and locked my bedroom on 2012 .still we did not open that, becoz she want to make allegation that she put that gold on the room , and we break that lock and taken away,,, that is her plan. I want mutual divorce , but they expecting huge amount..around 20 laks its impossible for me . she is working and getting 19,000 rupees intake salary. i am a govt employee so that i did not file divorce on the grounds of desertion. If i file she will say before the judge i will join with him...... that is her plan or to file false cases against me. In these circumstances what is better move? i can give her 6 laks still excluding the 2.5 laks gold which is already with her, and 40,000 rupees to her brother. but they expecting more , they need only money but they didnot say it openly. plz suggest me suitable solution