I donot have money or person to give guarenty, to get bail

Sir, I received the warrant against my cheque bounce case. As this has been misutilised and harassing me and to my family. What I have do to get the bail ? Presently I do not have any money or person to give gaurenty. This case is of trade between us, I was purchasing materials from this party , as per invoices I was paying him payment through rtgs and cheques. In due course we found there false invoice copies paid excess payment , where on dated invoices there were no transactions happened at all. Hence this supplier has put a cheque for clearance, but we refused to pay. Asked for proper invoices but failed to give us. Hence we stopped the payment, the cheque which we had issued him as a security, used it & put a case against me. Am I approach directly to respected court n magistrate ? Police people also calling. Presently i am struggling for my survival. I am not understanding what I have to do now ? Why should I suffer where I have not done any offence ? Please advise me what I have to do ?