Can a wife lodge any case against husband as and when she wishes?

Sir, I have been married for last 1 yr and 8 months.Since the inception of our marriage,they started asking for various unjustified demands( like my wife can't conceive child,she will study from her home,I have to become their Gharjamai,I have to buy flat or land either in my wife's name or jointly with me,she won't go to matrimonial house but only stay with me at my workplace,etc and many more),As we started our journey she began showing her true colors.Bad temperament,abusive behavior,insulting speech,fighting and quarreling with no issue,beating me if she did not like or agree with anything I say or do.After several negotiations within family circle,official counselling,legal counselling(during PL case lodged by me) I have failed to reconcile her or change her torturous behavior.After that I filed divorce suit July,2015. Since then she started calling me over phone each and every minute and stating that I was going to marry someone else with huge dowry and gifts of my choice and my mother was wearing all her sarees and ornaments and many kinds of meaningless talks.Since then I have stopped talking to her.Then she went to local C.P.D.R office regularly and by crying,lying,praying,and making emotional dramas she managed to convince the chairman.Now the chairman (C.P.D.R-Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights) has called me several times and warned me to settle things down ,otherwise I may fall in serious trouble like my wife will file 5/6 cases against me and I can lose my job and all other threats.Sir,I am really getting frustrated and worried.As I am the only bread earner for my family and they are threatening to file even false criminal cases(I really don't know what kind of criminal case they may file against me and if it is really possible for a woman to file any case against me just because of her gender advantage and in the name of women empowerment?)If it is true then where is the salvation of a man who is innocent and the real victim? Now my question is that a wife can anytime file any case against her husband?In this situation what should I do?Plz reply. With Regards Soumen