Judicial separation

I married my wife in 2007 ours was Love cum arranged marriage, first few months was ok, we were blessed with a baby boy in 2008 however since the day of our marriage things s tarted to fall apart. 1. Was insulted day on in the reseption 2. She left her job. 3. She visited her parents home daily 4. She went to her parents home for dilivery and came back after 8 months 5. She brought up my son only in her parents house teaching him tamil now he just speaks tamil. 6. She had me seperate from my parents 7. She gave away all the gold and money collected by me to my parents. 8. She ill treated me by not giving the respect 9. I lost my job 2 times because of he stupid actions and calls made to office 10. I slowly started loosing hope in our relation still went to a extent to get a tatoo of her face and my sons name on my hand. 11. But she acted smart and just used me as an ATM 12.Her moms involvement in every small matter 13.Slowly i drifted away as i was not getting the love and affection of a husband nor respect or my basic wants like food or any kind of sexual activity 14. My son till today has not called me Daddy , in front of me he calls other people daddy 15. I drifted away and planned to get married to my childhood friend which did not happen 16. I stayed away for the past 2 1/2 years from them 17. I was forced to come back home as they beat me up and threatened to harm my child hood friend. 18. Post coming back also notting has changed. 19. I have compromised 3 times in writing at the PS 20. I was beaten up in public by her brothers and mother and her family members, I need serious advice on how to come out of this relationship of marriage as i notting seems to be working out and i dont want any harm to my child hood friend.