Salary Not given by company.

HI , I am ganesh G, shinde. i was woking on chaneged) company. i was join on contract basis in company. after completing 5 monthS in company, i have search new job on my contract basis & i got it. but same time company taken on me parmanant, without given me offer letter or informing. I have resign company on the contract basis . but company told me you are parmanant employee you want to serve 60 days notice period. but i have no any offer letter for parmanant so am not follow that possess , after that company given me 12 day notice period as contract basis . i have accepted & completed that . i have leaved company on 20 june 2015. after few days after leaving company , i went company to took my realiving letter, that time Account Hr given me my parmanant offer letter . that time my mistake i have accepted that. Account Hr told me your pending salary will be credidted your account after 45 days. & Now 48 days complated to leave company. & now comapany denied for giving my 20 days salary. they show me resoan like . I was parmanant employee & i have not served notice period 60days.