Criminal case against trainee indian coast guard

A person X appeared in 10th exam in year 2003 from State Govt Board and obtains a valid 10th pass certificate with his original date of birth recorded on it. The same person X again appear in 10th exam (from a different school but same State board) as Y in year 2007 and again obtains a certificate with a new date of birth in order to lower his age (to be able to eligible for taking competitive exam). Now, this person has joined Indian coast Guard as Sailor/Navik as Mr. Y in Feb'2013 and currently undergoing training. This person has violated one more criteria of getting into Indian Coast Guard as he concealed his marital status (only unmarried males are allowed to take Indian coast Guard exam, whereas this person is married and has two children ). Despite lodging complaint with the concerned authorities with Indian Coast guard, Mumbai, no action has been taken against his person in question on the pretext that local police has sent a 'Police verification' report stating that he is unmarried and Mr.Y. Please advise legal recourse against this person X/Y in question (interestingly this person filed a criminal case as Mr. Z in year 2005 against his relatives and lost the case for want of witnesses).