My wife wants a divorce bus stiil i want to save my marrige life.

My wife want a divorce of without any reason , but I want to save my marriage life. I am giving you a brief story ,I was doing a job in Dubai for last 2 years and my wife stayed with my mother and father with my one kid at that time my younger sister got a divorce and she lived in my family. And my sister and my wife both was doing a job that time but my wife thought that she has to work for my family and also for my sister.and that's the common house work that has to be do every women. And the same moment my mother-in -law interfieor in my family matters, she told to my parents that why u all made my daughter like a housemaid.she told to my mother that u have to make an all house work if my daughter doing a job.and after that my wife left the job and she gone with her mother,then after few month I came back in India to left my job.last 1 month ago my wife and me had some problems regarding drink party which I had done with my friends.and I shouted on her on the same day I told her that I never call u. But from last one week she decided to give a divorce.I given her to all freedom as well as I never stopped her for shopping and all those things,I was given her all happiness, but the problem created by my mother-in-law, give me a suggestion.