Harrasement from mother in law

Im married in 2012 december. Me and my husband liked each other and convinced our families for marriage and got married. My mother in law have issues with her husband and left him and came out to stay with her son only. At the time of marriage also my husbands father did not come. She doesnt like me from the time of marriage. She doesnt allow me and my husband to stay happily. Every time she tries to keep fights between us in one or the other words. She uses very absued words with me. And always she asks me to leave her son and go. Initially my husband used to support me. But later on somehow he started listening to his mother and quarelling with me. Even at the time of pregnancy and delivery she tortured me a lot mentally. Now I have a baby gal of 11months. Even now she used all kinds of absued words and beat me. I couldnt tolerate and came out from that place and staying wid my parents. I want to file a case against her so that she is scared and she doesnt interfere in our matters and stay separately.