Cruelty by wife

Respected Sir/Madam, I am S Das(age 32, hindu, resides in new mumbai for job purpose(PSU BANK), permanent resident of kolkata , married(arranged) for almost 2yrs, having troublesome life after marriage with out any provocation my wife got violent in the mid night thereat me to do suicide or leaving home i tried to stop her and by then she tried alarming society or threatening go to police or go to my office etc. although my parents stay in kolkata only. she always use foul language about them i tried to contact my in laws but got no result even her mother abused me in many time as if i am provoking her daughter to doing all these or my family is wrong, financially she wanted to take control of all. asking me why i took loan on my father's property what her daughter will get etc etc many some unreasonable unrealistic demand and complains. i stopped talking with them, this is i am taking about 6 month back, then i convince my wife to kolkata for few days as my father got ill due to these reason only and came back alone as she will come few month later. June'15 she came along with my parents and after few days she did same again in front of my parents torturing them mentally, me and my parents asking for apology to console her without any reason. my parents went back with broken heart and from now on things are not acceptable fro me anymore. recently in between some heated argument she tried to hit me kick me on my head and spiting on my face for not doing normal behavior with her. i made up mind on the very day to have divorce.she initially asking for divorce but when i demanded she rejected. Now i discussed with few renowned lawyer in mumbai and in kolkata aswell, i have not got any appropriate solution. 1. where to file few saying kolkata few saying mumbai, as the girl is from kolkata deos not have any establishment in mumbai so it can be easily transferable to her choice of place. what should i do? 2. six month have to live seperatly but how she is not moving not ready to leave, is there any legal doc or notice can be issued from either state to restrict her to enter any of my house. it will be dangerous to stay with her or she resides with my parents in kolkata too, she can go to any extent once she will get to all this that i am seriously seeking help from lawyers and compliantly decided for the divorce. kindly guide me so that i can have proper way to sort out the matter with minimal harassment.