Recover dues of proposed housing society

1) Our building is build in 1992. 2) proposed society formed in 1995. 3) One of the foundation member take possession in 1998. 4) Proposed society ask to that member give dues from 1995 where proposed society was formed. 4) The member was denied to pay the maintenance before he take possession. 5) Society was registered in 2001. 6) Society make him member in 2003 7) After the registration of society, society make only one bill in that include due prior registration of society and after formed the registration of society. 7) In 2007 Society wrote a letter to register for recover dues us mcs 101 but registrar not accepting. 8) Then society make appeal to jt registrar in 2008 9) After the hearing from both parties The jt registrar state that society have file a suit in city civil court for claim of prior registration and file a suit in co operative court for claim of after society registration. 10) In between that member lawyers send a cheque of dues from registration period without intrests by coutier but society is returned back him 11) Society not taking any action after the jt registrar stated. 12) After one year that member file a suit against society in co operative court. Now my question is 1) proposed society have rights to claim amount before that member take possession because his agreement with builder make in 1990. 2) Who will make mistake in above parameter. 3) At above point of view that member is legally right or society. 4) After the society was registered that member want to give separte bill for dues of prior registration and after registration. 5) Now in co operative court charged the interest to that member or only give order to pay only principal amount