Mental harassement by mom inlaw n husband

Dear sir / madam. Namestey I m got married on june 2012, i hve daughtr of one n half yr old. I m homemaker. I stayed with my inlaws for 2 n half yrs. i tried my best to b good bahu n wife but thr torture never reduced . I accepted as my destiny n managed myself. Wen i got pregnant mom inlaw torture was unhuman. She wanted me to abot my child. I din give up n managed myself, if i ask my husband to take me doctor she use to fight alot. She use to torture mentally n physically. Due to dis i became weak doctor advised me to go for rest. My hubby called my parents to take me for few days rest. i went with them aftr doctor checkup i came to know dat i had symptoms of typhoid. Aftr medical attention n recovery i came bak to my inlaw place Again her mental n physical torture. she forced me to know d gender of child i use to tell her mom pls let it b boy or girl its gods gift. If its boy good if its girl also its good. If its girl its blessing of godess Amba, lakshmi, saraswathi. So pls accept wat god gives us. She use to shout shashikala will have oly potha ( boy baby ) i said if not dis time next time god will bless with boy baby also. But she was same. Later aftr my daughtr birth again she started fighting demanding with my parents. She threat them orelse she will never allow me to her place. So my parents anyhow managed to fulfil her demands. N i went bak to my inlaws place. Again aftr few days she started demanding she said me to get money from ur cousins. I said they wont give me. i refused n she threat me dat she going to make my life hell. She made plan with help of business partner n hve made my husband disappear from me for few days. Aftr twodays wen I asked mom abt my husband she shouted me wat do i know. Latr aftr three days i heard my mom inlaw talking to my husband n partner uncle. I took d recording of thr conversation. Wen i said my mom inlaws dat i heard, she beaten me n threat me dat she will worst my life. my mom inlaw called my parents n said take ur daughtrr bak my son wont come home until she is here. So i went to my parents places. Aftr wards aftr few days my mama sasurji ( brother of mom inlaw ) he called me n said r u pysco? I said i dnt know wat to tell u. I will send u few recording n photos u will comes to know d truth. He then said me i know u r not. But i will support u becoz u r rite. Then he called my hubby n said. He then took me to mysore thr he took home. but mom inlaw never let him stay with me, he often use to b thr. Hardly 2 days in week he use to comes mysore. I n my daughtr stayed alone. With not even money for milk or others necessity. He use to leave n go us suddenly. One day i saw his online application in He was hiding from me. I said this to my mama inlaw dat he hve applied to remarriage though he is married to me. One day he said he will give me to police with fake blames of stoling gold n cash. So i went to police station to inform i hvent did anything they threat me every time. Womens police called my husband he came with business partner. N said i dont want to b with her . She cant manage baby give me custody of baby. Then he said he wont come bak. I was feeling helpless i was scared they will take way my baby n will leave me. So for few days i came to my parents. Mean while without my acknowledge they vacated my house n took al my belonging to thr places. Now i m at my parents places from 2 n half months. i dnt know wat to do futher i m helpless. My parents r afraid of society. pls guide me . I tried calling my inlaw no answer. I went to mama sasurji place with my family for help but..... Pls guide me i will b thankful