How can I save myself and my family against false Section 498a and Section 125

My wife has claimed for maintenance under Section 125 and also charged me and my family with Section 498. During marriage we have not taken any money or any gifts from them. (We have proof of that) and after marriage also, she left my house claiming that she wants divorce. (I have proof of that as well but not in written) I am out of India and now she has charged me and my family with section 498 and section 125 I know that I can fight and show the proof and I ca n save myself. 1) My question is what else I can do to save myself 2) My parents are going and attending the dates in court that is far from my city in Gujarat. What my parents can do to change the court and get the case under our city in Gujarat itself as they are over 60. (Senior citizen) 3) I have videos to prove how bad she was behaving with my parents and every time she was claiming that I will take huge amount by submitting divorce case against you. I am outside India please let me know is there any way of filling any case against her or my parents can file any case