Violation of fundamental right of equal oppourtunity article 16

I am a central govt. employee in Income tax Department under CBDT, I know that there is CAT for issues relating to service matters but i want to know that if article 14 and 16 is violated a number of times by employer, can i file a writ directly on High Court without going to CAT?, As the income tax offices function under CBDT in different states, the CBDT is the main administrator. But It has taken divergent stand, state wise, on issues relating to promotion for employees of identical cadre appointed in different states . CBDT only gives promotion to the employees of a particular State only when they win in CAT. It does not give promotion to employees of identical cadre in another state if their case is pending in CAT for a long time or they have not gone for CAT. The CBDT has not issued a uniform decision for all employees. There are many same judgements of Supreme Court of India, different benches of CAT & high Court in different cases on the litigation which stops giving promotion. Still the CBDT doesn't follow it, Can i file a writ directly in High court for not giving me equal opportunity on promotion under article 14 and 16.