Need Custody of my child

My name is George, today I need an urgent suggestion from all friends. Today I am in a state where my marriage is about to brake but I m not mentally or pysically ready for that. Its been 9 Years I am married and having 2 kids (6 Years Daughter & 4 1/2 Son), and was happilly living with small small family issues. But all of suuden everything changed. 3 days back my wife lodged a complaint against me in Police station againt domestic violence. After lodging this complaint (Her mother, Sister, brother, brother in law, And Cousin Uncle) came to my home with 2 police people at that time I was alone at my home. They took my children forecefully and my wife went with them to their parental home. Its been 5 days now She is not picking up my phone, not allowing to meet my children. WHEN I CALL THEM THEY THREATEN ME TO LODGE A COMPLAINT IN POLICE STATION. Her parents are not happy with our love marriage. I tried my level best to make her understand, I told her that I will do what ever she wants, but her answer is always No. I am trying her to bring her back but in any case if she wont come back. I need the custody of my child. Please guide me what should I do. how Can I get my childs custody back. Can I took the help of police or any other help