Divorce, Maintenance and 498/DV questions

Respected Sir/Madam, I am living in canada since 2009 and had an arrange marriage in 2010 under Hindu Marriage Act. My wife came to live with me here in early 2011. Since coming here she was very volient verbally and physically with me and also threatned to cut her wrist couple of times. She had a past relationship, which I guess was the reason that she was furstrated and disturbed. So I tried my best and to get the marriage to work, but it did not worked so I send her back to India in early 2012. We have no kids,She has Masters degree and is currently working in a contract job and for past couple of years. So I have couple of questions: 1. My salary is $100K here in canada. If I divorce her do I need still give 1/3 or 1/5 of my salary as maintaince to her or will be one time amount. 2. What option have I got if she denied to divorce as MCD. How long will it take for Contest divorce to be over? 3. If I get the contest divorce from lower/family court can she stiil contest it in higher courts? 4. If she files and 498a,DV against me, will I have to come to India as its non bailable offence? 5. I have enough evidence to show her volient behavours and stress that she has caused me. Will that be enought to quash the 498a case?How long all these things normally takes? 6. Can she impound my passport? 7.I have a house here in canada, which I have brought on my own. I am only the title holder of it.Can she claim share on it? 8.If she agree to MCD do I need to come to India or can my solicitor represent me in the court. 9. I will be canadian citizen DEC-2015. Can I not file divorce here after that? Thanks in Advance!