Often Querrel with wife

I am 32 year old , We get married Nov'13 and have a baby boy in July'15. We both are CA and earns, to meet marriage expenses & house renovation i borrowed loans ( 5-6 Lacs) as my family is not financially strong.Me n my wife lives in delhi and my family lives in my hometown east UP. My whole salary (50k) finishes in paying Rent, Loan Installments,Car EMI,and in general household expenses. I generally couldn't expense on movies,outings,gifts. My wife pay only expense related to her own & sometime on some household purchases. we have not taken any cash dowry or jewelry in marriage. They have gifted one Car and furniture etc. in her marriage. I was in financial crisis soon after marriage( 2-3 months) my car get accident and in that 30k was required then she denied to give any money, our quarrel starts from there , after that my family members also told her that you both should expense jointly on your family matters but my wife accused that loan emi is not my part , if he saves that loan amt. then he could use that money. In one argument my mother and sister told that if she doesn’t pay anything from her salary than no need to keep her here, if she eats they she also have to pay as she is also earning. After that we fight every month she blames every time that you people ask for dowry, ask money in lieu of food. But it never happened that we told her to give any dower or pay for food. When she or we fights she cries & screams very loudly, our landlord often comes to settle down the fights. She told one sided wording to her mother/father that I have said these words or slapped. Since I know her mental level but two three time when she shouts or screams then I shut her mouth by my hand so that sound don’t go outside home, but she slapped me in that response .In last Two years I never slapped or use physical fight . She always fight and uses wrongs words for my family , sometimes I listen calmly but sometimes I don’t kept calm and our fight starts. No one of my family is happy with her and no expectations that she is daughter in law. My nature is live calm and don’t say for anything. But against my nature she is not social, always speaks for anything happens right or wrong, she never ignore or tolerates any wrong thing happens. She often told me that I will send you jail, police will come and beat u and ur family who teaches you to speak against me. I have many recordings audio /video of her hostile way of fighting screaming . Now a days our fight ends with words that we will take divorce . I am in dilemma that what should I do either to take divorce or wait some more time hoping for best or to wait for more worst.