My wife and her family harassing me and Misusing the LAW

Dear Expert, Currently i am facing false Dowry Case which U/s 498A /323/504/506/406 and 125 Cr PC which is going on in Noida Gautam Budha Nagar court against me and my wife Shalini Yadav (belongs to Noida Sector 39) and she filed three more cases against me and my family in delhi Nanankpura(ND) but they refused to take it than she filed in Sri Niwas Puri (ND) women cell (02/06/2013)where I had attained three date with her and Women cell officer as truth was coming because she had Kabza of entire thing including jewellary,Money,important Bank Documents and my flat key where i used to live but my wife and in laws are so greedy and distractive she run away from there by saying that they do not have money come to delhi as she lives at Noida.Apart from that i have AB from Saket Session Court (ND)as well.But they filed another complain case in Noida CAW (24/06/2013) women cell sector 39 where i had gone to attend the investigation twice but they not come.the women cell officer Vimla(Constable who is retire now ) and SHO Lakshi who got transfer in some another place told me that they do not want anything it's depend upon me whether keep her or leave her they will not come to join this investigation they called up Shalini Yadav in front of me but denied to come.they gave false statement to CAW sector 39 and finally they went to Gatuam Budha Nagar Disst Court and Sector 39 Filed another 6 cases on me and my family in front of Judicial Magistrate (Filing Date: 29-07-2013) and issued Bailable Warrant.mean while i filed RCR (Section 9) in Saket Family Court(27-08-2013) as per the instruction of my Layer where she did not come case status is pending. You can see the detail of my cases on this website Link:- (Case No is 780 and Year 2013/State UP /Court Gautam Budha Nagar).I hired a Local layer at GBN Court he suggested me to go for quashing i filed quash petition in Allahabad High Court and got stay order but HC court sent this matter to Mediation Centre at Allahabad and order deposit Rs 15000/ on the name of opposite party no. 2 i have already deposited that you can find all the details of my petition on this website Link :- (APPLICATION U/s 482 No. - 25341 of 2015 at Allahabad : Gautam Kumar Yadav And 4 Others Vs. State Of U.P. And Another )I know,She is doing all the nonsense for her Pension Plan which i do not want to get her succeed in this conspiracy .Since i got married with her in (15/06/2012) she never gone to my home town which in Bhagalpur Bihar in fact i hardly go there due to my job and responsibility it's been more than 15 years but in her complainant case she mentioned the entire store happened at Sasurral.This is my brief story of my case and want to have some expert help from you so, that i can take the action against the entire 498A Gang and she can be punished including her mother,police,Judicial Magistrate who issued the warrant without investigation((Have RTI and all other proof like Recording and all).second thing as i have AB from Saket Session court and if,mediation will be fail than again I have to take bail from GBN or Allahabad HC and why? (and suppose if, she file another case (DV which is still remaining )against me in different state than again i have to take bail from that state) my last question is that if,i will file Divorce than what will happen ? will i get it or not ? would it be advisable? or will face another case as she has not filed (DV) yet.please advice me i will be very thankful to you. Warm Regards, Gautam Kumar