Fake land dispute case in court for more than 8 years-pls advise

We took loan from ICICI bank to buy a land and also constructed a building, almost 8+ years before. After construction and when we started to live in that house, we got a surprise affidavit / noitce that there is a land dispute - we didn't bring this to bank's notice because the patta number and plot number were different from what we actually bought. Hence, we started attending that case thinking it will end up sooner but the case is still going on and just reached the cross examining status. Also, the surveyor (as ordered by court) confirmed that the 'book of records' indicates that land is registered on our name and there is no record about the opponents - although, everything is evident, not sure why this is getting extended as such. (question-1) Please advise what are our options to get the judgement sooner and also to save our land from someone lodging fake cases as such. (question-2) Because we were told that some one should attend the case to avoid judgement go in favor of opponents, please advise, what would be the consequences if we don't live in that house and if we were totally unaware of this court notice and proceedings.