Strategy to avoid /fight residence order in domestic violance ca

Sir wife filed complaints after 7of marriage in caw call delhi and subsequentely filed crpc maintenance-crpc 125and after more than year now filed domestic violance case. I have one child too is in service so form 16 and It returns clearly shows my income. As per her she is house wife and child is with her. All allegations are false without any evidence and generalised in nature like on specific date taunted for dowry and demand even slapiing and puches by husband and in laws etc. Child school fees is abt 10000 now in d v on first hearing mm slapped me maintenance Rs 15k and recorded my statement that not selling house. In fact matrimonial house is gifted by husband mother to husband video regd gift deed and stamp duty paid by husband. Now q 1 what is d procedure for residence order ( can mm judge again give interim order without listening respondent advocate and summons just recd two days before hearing date Q 2 And strategy to fight residence order ( please suggest can this gift deed may b cancelled by mother and husband so ownership goes to mother and a women too or any other strong option as wife may be rigid enough to insist residence order to harrased and indulge more false cases and extrot money) Q pl also advice estimated time step wise and procedure for appeal and expect time If possible pl share mobile number for talk Thanx and regards