Dear Sir, I purchased flat in thane worth Rs 32L in 2010 and i requested father for help to give Rs 7 Lacs on returnable basis. He gave cheques to totalling to Rs. 7 Lacs to Builder and rest of the flat amount was paid by me to builder by cheque (father gave 7L cheque to builder and i gave 25L cheque to builder) As i was staying abroad i gave my ATM card to father and told him to remove the money as an when needed. Mean while, i also made cheque payment in his account worth Rs. 2 L . Also upon his instruction, i gave 2 Lac cheque to mother. Also whenever i used to visit india, i used to give Rs. 50000 cash to him for expenses. So in total he took back 8 lacs from my by means of ATM Card + cheques to him + Cheques to mother + Hard Cash as there was trust on him. I made flat registration on my name as i paid maximum amount and returned back my father's share of 7 Lacs in various ways as mentioned above. Now its 2015 and flat value has gone up by 4 times. and Now my father is filing a civil suit against me claiming he has also invested in flat so i should give him 28 Lacs. But i have already returned his money by various ways as mentioned above. Pl advise what shd i do. Whether court will believe me that he has taken money from ATM in my absence as i verbally permitted him to use my Card as i stay abroad? His driver can give testimony for that but would it help? whether cheque given to mother wd be counted in it?