Allotment of flat under 33/7 Scheme of Mhada Mumbai

Dear Sirs, What are the provision of MHADA for allotment of redeveloped flat under 33/7 ? Background of my questions is - There were Two seperate rooms in a cessed property ( one room say 'R1' in name of my father say 'F' & other room say 'R2' in name of my brother say 'B' with seperate Rent Bill). I say 'I' and 'B' were living with 'F' since our births and were having all legal documents i.e. Ration Card, Election Card bearing 'R1". After marriage 'I' purchased an ownership flat in Mumbai suburb & converted all my proofs on new address in year 2000. As of today 'I' do not have any proof (except PPF A/c Pass Book of a nationalised bank) for 'R1'. Whereas 'B' has proofs as Ration Card for 'R1' and Electricity Bill for 'R2". The cessed property gone for redevelopment under 33/7 'A' and things happened further are - 2009 - Consent given to developer by 'F' for 'R1' and by 'B' for 'R2' (proofs - Ration Card by 'F' for 'R1' and Electricity Bill by 'B' for 'R2') 2010 - Both 'F' & 'B' passed successfully in inspection done by Mhada officials and appeared in 'Patrata Yadi' for 'R1' and 'R2' respectively. 2012 - 'F' expired. Before death 'Will' was made by 'F' mentioning that 'R1' will be a property of 'I' and 'B' jointly 50-50 %. Hence, NOC obtained from 'I' and 'B' 's only sister and affidevite made. 2013 - Agreement of redevelopment of cessed property made between Tenants, Developer and Property Owner. For 'R2' agreement signed by 'B' as tenant (proofs given - Electricity Bill) and for 'R1' agreement signed by 'I' and 'B' as tenant jointly. (proofs given - PPF Bank A/c pass book by 'I' and Ration Card by 'B' along with NOC & affidevite of sister) 2014 - Cessed property demolished. 2015 - New building is under construction and work is going on. Now the qustions arises - 1. Is allotment of developed flat against 'R1' is possible jointly in name of 'I' and 'B' ? 2. Can authority* (* - Mhada/Property Owner/Developer/Chawl Committee/Society) deny/cease allotment of developed flat against 'R1' to 'I' for not providing inhabitant proofs of 'R1'. ? 3. Can authority* deny/cease allotment of developed flat against 'R1' to 'B' on the platform the he has already been allotted seperate flat against 'R2' or vice versa, under same development scheme ? Please note - a) Wife of 'F' & mother of 'I', 'B' and sister expired in 1990. b) The intimation letter of death of 'F' is already submitted to Mhada along with sister's NOC and affidevite with cc to developer, before agreement. c) There are sound relations between 'I', 'B' & Sister and are co-operative with each other as regard as giving permissions, NOCs etc. Thanks & Regards