What is the court fees for Legal Heirship Certificate

Hi, My uncle expired. He has left his family (wife and 2 children of age under 16). He has an insurance cover against (Flat) Home loan amount but policy doesnt have nominee. Now insurance company needs Legal Heir certificate. It comes under Maharashtar, Thane District , Tahasildar office. I wanted to ask the step by step process, time required and what will be the court fees. I have read somwhere The court fees for a succession certificate calculated under the Indian Succession Act is zero for an asset valued less than Rs1000. For an asset valued between Rs 1,001 and Rs 50, 000, it is 2 per cent, for Rs 50,001 to Rs 2lakh it is 4 per cent, between 2lakh and Rs3 lakh it is 6 per cent and above Rs3 lakh it stands at 7.5 per cent with a maximum ceiling of Rs 75,000. Rule 23 of the Maharashtra Cooperatives Societies Rules, which states that where a person is allotted a share by a society the payment required to be made shall not exceed the face value of the share. Please suggest.