Mental harressment by husband and inlaws

Dear sir.. I m govt employee and my husband is doing businees.i got married in 2013 before marriage my inlaws create problem 10 days before marriage they refuse to come for marriage but i got married as my husband support me that time. But now they all were mentally tortured me humiliate my parents, asking for my expenses and salary, i stay to my workplace and they refuse to cooperate dont allow me to come to their place put so many conditions which being a working woman not possible for me. Take all my jewellery to them and came at my place without information and in their absence theft happened and all the jewellery has stolen but they did nt file any FIR. Lots other things and their last resort put wrong allegation on me so that they can hide there bad intention. Sir my father in law is reitred income tax commissioner and all mr mother in law, husband are egoist, sadistic people they want my parents to humiliate again. They think that laws is in their pocket.mother in law blame me for everthing bad happen after marriage. Since 9 jan he is nt talking to me bcoz i want to save my marriage so i m trying but now i want to punish them and want divorce. Kindly advice